idmatch Bike Fitting With Erick Rowsell


at Dave Mellor Cycles with Erick Rowsell

idmatch is an innovative bike fitting system that allows you to scientifically find the ideal set up for your bike using a combination of both science and innovation, that makes it both reliable and easily accessible to all. Using algorithms, it can be adapted to each type of user, with the aim of guaranteeing the rider maximum comfort, performance, and wellbeing. Dave Mellor Cycles are pleased to be the first bike shop in the UK to offer this service, with a new bike fit studio, with fits being carried out by ex-professional cyclist Erick Rowsell.

Over 30,000 people have been tested with the bike-fitting system idmatch BikeLab, in more than 130 centres worldwide, 50,000 cleat placements with Cleat Fit, there has been constant positive feedback from dealers and riders alike. idmatch was created with the intention of helping every cyclist find the best possible set-up for their bike, starting with a 3D body scan and an in-depth interview with the rider discussing aims, previous injuries, and any bike related issues.

Your own bike can be measured with laser precision to input a starting position for your dynamic bike fit. This is also where your final bike fit data will be transferred onto your own bike.

You can also allow the idmatch software to suggest a starting position according to your body scan measurements, injury history and type of riding, starting with a fresh position.

Personally fitted Saddles and handlebars are fitted to the idmatch bike according to your chosen discipline.

A cleat fit is undertaken as a part of the bike fit, and cleats are set before you start your dynamic bike fit.

Once all the data has been analysed, handlebars and saddle selected, and cleats adjusted, you are ready to climb aboard the idmatch bike. This is where the magic happens. The software will measure angles and how you are performing on the bike and with feedback to Erick, your perfect bike fit will be realised. This can be transferred to your existing bike or assist in selecting the correct size for your new bike.


IDMATCH - Cleat Fitting
Using either your existing shoes or a new pair of shoes, the idmatch cleat fitting will take around 45 minutes. Please ensure existing shoes are clean and the cleats are able to be adjusted.
IDMATCH – Bike Fit
IDMATCH full bike fitting to include transferring your bike fit data to your existing bike a new bike or provide a report to enable the selection of a new bike. A full fit will take approximately 2 hours and you should bring tight fitting cycling clothing and shoes. We have changing facilities.
first bike £200.00
additional bikes £100.00
IDMATCH – Additional Workshop Time
With the advent of integrated cable and hydraulic braking systems extra time may be required to adjust stems, bleed brakes etc. This work will be charged extra and may have to be booked into the workshop.
per hour plus parts £40.00


Erick is an ex professional British cyclist, who has enjoyed a successful career both on the road and track. He has competed for Great Britain on several occasions in World and European championships as well as at the Commonwealth games for Team England. He has also competed in some of the world’s biggest races, including, Milan San Remo and Liege Bastogne Liege. During his time with the British Continental team, Madison Genesis, he rode in some of Britain’s most iconic races, including securing a podium finish in a stage in the Tour of Britain. He is now sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience at Dave Mellor Cycles.

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