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Stealth Super Hydration Drink Powder 14G Lemon Lime
Stealth Super Hydration Drink Powder 14G Lemon Lime
GTIN: 5060378100400
MPN: STL00417

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� An advanced hydration carbohydrate combination with balanced electrolytes to keep you hydrated when you most need it
� Delivering a 2% solution of carbohydrates (20g/L so a little goes a long way) to your muscles when mixed
� This Hydration mix can also be supplemented with Unflavoured Energy Powder to bring the carbohydrate level up to your preferred strength for training or competition
� Contains nitric oxide modulators to protect the gut and drive hydration
� Built in marginal gains real fruit powders acacia gum sticky rice starch in addition to electrolytes for health and performance
� Natural flavours and importantly no artificial sweeteners
� Available as individual sachets for convenience on the go or coffee bag style with scoop for home use
� Range of popular light tasting flavours


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