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Saris Porter 2 Bike Car Rack Black
Saris Porter 2 Bike Car Rack Black
MPN: 700.SA312B

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Fits Your Car. Fits Your Bike. Fits Your Budget.

Cars come in all shapes and sizes. Thats no problem for The Bike Porter trunk rack. With the Bike Porters Easy Attach fit system you can protect your cars finish and hold up to three bikes securely. Weve even added rubber cradles that separate your cables from your bike frame. The best part The Bike Porter is as easy on the wallet as it is easy to use.

The Bike Porter is a budget-friendly steel-frame trunk rack that offers the essential features � ratcheting straps that hold your bikes securely to the rack arms antisways that prevent bikes from rubbing against each other and high-density foam mounts that protect the finish on your vehicle. Plus weve added rubber cradles that separate your brake and shift cables from your bike frame to protect the finish on your bike.

Designed to fit a variety of frame sizes and types the Bike Porters EasyAttach fit system adjusts snugly to your vehicle. Its intuitive two-position design makes it easy to install. And when youre not using the Bike Porter it folds and stores with a single adjustment.

Because its a trunkmounted rack your bikes are accessible and easy to put in place. No overhead lifting twisting or balancing required so you can save your energy for the ride.

Like all Saris racks the Bike Porter is built in Madison WI and is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.


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