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Praxis Levatime 2 Spider Kit Dm 52-36 Black
Praxis Levatime 2 Spider Kit Dm 52-36 Black
MPN: PR-KX5236-5005

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LevaTime II is our new generation of shifting tech. Updated to a new stiffer LT2 5mm big ring, this allowed our engineers to increase the amount of shift features and the type of shift features we could forge into the ring. It also allowed us to use our new fast engaging forged shift pins to improve shift speed.

Holding it together with even better support is our beefed-up LT2 forged X-Spider. All of this adds up to the fastest and most snappy feeling shift we’ve ever produced. We believe so much in our new LevaTime II shifting that we’ve made this aftermarket upgrade kit available to our prior customers. So anyone with an older 3-Bolt Direct Mount Praxis road crank can upgrade immediately. So even if your 3-Bolt Direct Mount Praxis crank is a couple years old, you can simply order this new full kit and update your crank to LevaTime II shifting.

• Updated LT2 5mm big ring.
• Forged shift pins improves shift speed.
• Beefed-Up LT2 forged X-Spider.
• 3-Bolt Direct Mount crank fitting.
• Works with 10/11spd drivetrains.
• Cold Forged 7075-T6 Aluminium.




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